Caricami cell phone charging stations in amusement parks

If there is one place where we never want to run out of energy, it’s the amusement park. We’re not just talking about the energy it takes to enjoy the rides and attractions, but also the energy that allows us to capture those unique moments with friends and family. The batteries of our devices, whether they are smartphones, tablets or cameras, are put to the test in amusement parks: there is so much to photograph, record, share on social media… The last thing we want is to have to give it all up because the battery has run out.

Thanks to the Caricami power bank charging service, amusement parks can offer a mobile phone charging service to make their customers’ experience even more unforgettable.

It is no coincidence, after all, that Disneyland – the worldwide known amusement park – has already thought about it: in fact, inside there are charging stations and power bank rentals available to park visitors1.

Caricami: the ideal mobile charging service for amusement parks

Caricami provides traders, entrepreneurs and business or service managers the possibility of installing stations or totems for recharging mobile phones in their businesses to offer customers the energy they need.

The power bank sharing service offered by Caricami is innovative: the customer will no longer have to leave their mobile phone in a charging locker or get stuck near a fixed charging station, they can simply rent a power bank from a charging station and recharge their devices in complete mobility.

Caricami: powerbank rental service

The Caricami power bank rental service allows customers to rent a power bank – equipped with the 3 most popular connectors on the market (micro USB, Type C and Lightning) – in order to be able to charge their mobile phone (or any other device) on the go.

Power bank sharing is an ideal service in all those situations and places where people need to move, just like in amusement parks.

Charging stations in amusement parks: the advantages

The advantages of installing mobile charging stations in amusement parks concern both users and operators. Let us try to analyze the major ones.

1. Give customers the energy they need

We hear more and more about nomophobia (the fear of being disconnected) and having your cell phone or tablet, smartwatch and camera dead is one of the small big problems that affects our generations. We are now addicted to these devices and never want them to run out of battery.

With the power bank sharing service inside amusement parks, it is possible to offer customers free charges at any time without making them worry about their battery level and thus allowing them to experience the magical atmosphere of the amusement park in a carefree way.

2. Increases sales

Giving customers the possibility of always having their smartphone charged and usable improves the experience inside the park and stimulates loyalty and probable greater profit.

3. Improves attractiveness

Investing in mobile charging means believing in and being associated with an innovative and highly appreciated service that is changing the habits of Italians. Furthermore, cell phone charging stations and power banks can be customized, thus becoming an excellent marketing tool to involve all the people who interact with Caricami products while recharging their devices. In addition, the charging totems are equipped with screens, which are great for sharing images and communicating messages.

4. Use of services and apps available to customers

Being able to skip the line for an attraction, to find your way around the amusement park thanks to a map and to look at all the activities offered by a park are just some of the activities that can be carried out thanks to the apps developed and made available to customers by the amusement parks. These obviously contribute to lowering the battery level of mobile phones. Offering a mobile phone charging service with the presence of totems or charging stations installed in different points of the park will allow customers to fully enjoy all the services.

Why installing Caricami mobile charging stations is the right solution

The Caricami mobile recharge totems, and more generally the mobile recharge stations, are not static points where customers have to recharge their device, on the contrary, they allow the rental of power banks in a completely automatic way without the need for support from part of the park staff.

Customers can hire a power bank, continue to enjoy the amusement park experience with their own devices – and at the end of the day (or with a full battery!) they can simply return the external battery to the same or another station/ charging totems.

It is easy to understand why this type of service is ideal within a reality like that of the amusement park: the customer finds the solution to his problem, without feeling like they are wasting time or missing the opportunity to photograph, record and share magical moments.

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