The phone charging station perfect for your hotel

Get a phone charging station for your hotel. Don’t let your guests run out of battery and improve their experience with a high value service.

People in a waiting room charging their phones with Caricami power banks


Offer a free charge to your clients, keep them connected and improve their experience at your hotel. 


Customize our power banks and stations, use their display to show digital communication to your guests.


Be featured for free in on our in-app map and let your clients know where they can charge their phones.

Powerbank Caricami universale con 3 cavi integrati

Powerbank 3 in 1

5000 mAh universal powerbank with 3 charging cables. Caricami powerbanks can be customized and are compatible with all types of phones, tablets, other mobile devices and even some laptops.

Charging station (8 slots)

Compact and customizable phone charging station with 8 power banks, descriptive front plate or electronic display. The phone charging stations are perfect for receptions, meeting areas or gym and leisure facilities. 

Stazione di ricarica Caricami da 8 batterie
Totem di ricarica Caricami con display da 24 e 48 batterie

Charging totem (24 or 48 slots)

Customizable phone charging totem with 24 or 48 power banks. Its display can be used for digital communication. Phone charging totems are perfect for high traffic areas such as the hall and the reception that all your guests cross every day.

More than a phone charging station

Thanks to our phone charging stations you will offer a very useful and innovative service that will help you differentiate from your competition and will improve your customers’ stay.

We have seen how much the service is appreciated by our guests. Offering charging stations which do not tie clients to a socket or their phone to a locker, makes the process smarter and innovative, both for us and for our guests.
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Energize your hotel

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Delivery and set-up

Delivery, set-up and remote maintenance are on us.

Fully automated service

Our stations are self-service, and this frees up time for your staff.

Real-time support

Real-time customer service, we take care of all questions within our app.

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