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Request your phone charging station for your business. Multiple models from 8 to 24 powerbank, customizable and with integrated screens for images and videos.

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Our plans

Choose between short or long-term rentals, perfect for events or commercial activities.
Customize stations and power banks to promote your brand uniquely.

Short term rental

The most suitable option for your events.

Are you organizing an event and want to ensure an unforgettable and engaging experience for your guests?
Rent a CARICAMI phone charging station.

  • Offer free and mobile recharges to your clients;
  • Increase your event sponsor visibility;
  • Use our station screens and customize stations and batteries;
  • Invest in the circular economy;
  • Contribute to reducing electronic waste.


Long term rental

The most suitable option for shops and small business.

Want to differentiate your service offering and offer a unique experience to your customers?
Rent a CARICAMI phone charging station.

  • Offer recharges to your customers;
  • Choose an automated and inclusive service;
  • Use our station screens and customize stations and batteries;
  • Invest in the circular economy;
  • Contribute to reducing electronic waste.



More than a charging station

Power Banks, phone charging stations and mobile charging totems are innovative tools for promoting your brand and that of your sponsors.

Utilize the screens of the stations to display personalized advertising messages and engage users who are charging their mobile devices by customizing stations and batteries.

Become a partner of innovation

Why choose


Innovation and

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability by promoting circular consumption through responsible use of resources and proper disposal of power banks.

Real-time support and
100% automation

Live chat within the app and fully automated stations: no intervention required from you or your staff.


Dynamic and Engaging

Utilize station screens for advertising messages and showcase your brand on stations and power banks, engaging users while they recharge.

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Offering mobile charging to your customers allows you to eliminate the inconvenience, both for your customers and your staff, caused by searching for makeshift sockets and cables for charging their phones. With Caricami, you offer a practical and convenient solution, ensuring a safe, sustainable, and beneficial mobile charging service. Not only does this set you apart from the competition, but it also enhances your attractiveness to customers.

Caricami is completely automated and requires no intervention from you or your staff, providing you with an efficient and hassle-free solution. Thanks to the screens and customization of the power banks and mobile charging stations, you can enhance your marketing strategies in an innovative and engaging way.

The main difference between charging stations and mobile charging totems lies in their structure and functionality.

Mobile charging stations are compact and portable, ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. They can be easily placed on a counter and offer immediate charging to customers.

Mobile charging totems are freestanding and robust structures designed to have a greater visual impact. They are perfect for events, exhibitions, or public environments. With a larger number of power banks, they are suitable for use in larger and more crowded contexts. Additionally, they offer additional potential for marketing and communication purposes through their built-in displays.

Yes, Caricami offers the flexibility needed to customize your customers’ charging experience based on your business needs.

You can choose between:

  • Partially free mode with discount code. In this case, you will offer your customers up to the first 3 hours of rental for free.
  • Completely free mode. With this option, users can benefit from completely complimentary rental, making the offer even more enticing.
  • Completely free mode with online dashboard. In this case, Caricami provides you with an online dashboard from which you can personally extract the power banks and distribute them directly to your customers without requiring any action from them. This option provides even more immediate access to charging, optimizing the user experience.

Thanks to the flexibility of our service, you can adapt the charging service to the specific needs of your customers, ensuring a positive and memorable experience.