Power bank sharing in Gruppo UNA hotels

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Gruppo UNA is the largest Italian hotel chain that makes Italian spirit its strong point with its 3 brands UNA Experience, UNAHOTELS and UNAWAY.

It is with great pleasure that we communicate this partnership with 100% hospitality.

“After an initial test phase at a selection of our facilities, we have ascertained how much the service is requested and appreciated by customers. Offering automated recharging, which does not bind customers to a socket or a locker, makes everything smarter and more innovative, both for us and for our Guests. This is why we decided to expand the collaboration with Caricami with the aim, eventually, of offering the charging service in most of our hotels and restaurants“. The management of the Gruppo UNA declared.

The power bank sharing service is added to the range of services offered by the UNA Group, allowing the customers of the structures to enjoy an even more unique and innovative experience.

How does the Caricami power bank sharing service work?

Caricami is the innovative power bank sharing service that allows you to offer a service that is now essential in all of our lives: the ability to always have your mobile phone charged and usable.

Through the Caricami app, users can rent a power bank by unlocking it from the charging station, recharge their device using one of the 3 integrated charging cables and, once they have finished using it, they can autonomously place the power bank in the station.

Caricami power banks are suitable for recharging all mobile phones, tablets, other devices such as headphones, electronic cigarettes and some laptop models.

What does the collaboration with Gruppo UNA consist of?

In the receptions of numerous Gruppo UNA facilities, guests have access to the Caricami mobile phone charging stations. From these it is possible to rent a power bank and recharge your mobile phones in complete mobility during your stay in the hotel.

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