Powerbank sharing on the Talent Garden campuses

Talent Garden, the largest community of networking, training and digital and technology professionals in Europe never stops renewing and innovating its spaces and services. With the installation of Caricami mobile phone charging stations, the power bank sharing service becomes available in the offices of Milan – Calabiana, Milan – Isola, and Rome – Ostiense.

What are coworking spaces?

Coworking spaces are work environments equipped with all the necessary services for office work – from internet connection to desks, from printers to ergonomic chairs. The Talent Garden coworking campuses are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and provide workstations, but also meeting rooms, laboratories, event spaces, Fablabs, cafes and much more.

Those who access these campuses have the opportunity to share all these resources, reducing the management costs of a single office but also creating the conditions for a stimulating work environment that has a positive impact on the efficiency and quality of work.

With the collaboration with Caricami, Talent Garden expands its coworking services with the installation of a charging station for mobile phones. The principle of resource sharing and cost reduction meets innovation and sustainability.

Caricami: mobile phone charging stations in coworking spaces

Caricami is a startup that aims to solve the need of users to recharge their smartphones and mobile devices on the go. For the manager of coworking spaces – such as Talent Garden – Caricami represents the opportunity to complete the offer of services, attract and retain the catchment area, and to stand out from the competition in the name of innovation, sharing and sustainability. In fact, the Caricami recharge service not only gives energy to the coworking community, but it is also an excellent service to offer in the event of events, workshops and parties organized within the coworking spaces which allows those present to always have energy at their fingertips. hand being able to fully enjoy the areas and services offered by the space.


Talent Garden and Caricami both have their roots in the sharing economy. The sharing economy has been establishing itself in recent decades applied to various economic sectors. It is a system in which goods and services are shared among users, reducing costs and environmental impact, and opening up new opportunities for entrepreneurs, users, and service providers.


People will no longer need to buy their own power bank to always carry with them, but will be able to count on the power bank sharing service which guarantees access to charging stations and power banks for recharging any mobile device such as cell phones, headphones, e-readers, electronic cigarettes and much more.


The sharing economy is a sustainable system: by sharing resources, the environmental impact of the resources themselves is reduced. When the resource in question is an electronic device, this aspect is even more important. Caricami and powerbank sharing are the solution to reduce the creation of electronic waste, reducing the environmental impact of your business.

More opportunities for the Community Talent Garden

In the coworking landscape, Talent Garden stands out for its ability to create places of innovation to support a community of digital and technology talents in their growth and connect them globally. The collaboration with Caricami offers a further opportunity to the Talent Garden Community: in addition to providing a charging station available to all users of the Milan – Calabiana, Milan – Isola, and Rome – Ostiense Coworking Campuses, the members of the Talent Garden Community will have access to 1 free hour of rental per day with a dedicated discount code!

Complete the service offer of your coworking space with Caricami: request a mobile charging station, click here.

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