Increase customer loyalty: power banks that increase earnings

When you want to stand out from the crowd, attracting new customers isn’t the only strategy to increase your business’s revenue. For the opinions on your establishment to always remain positive, you must ensure that those “new customers” that you have won over with excellent advertising and an excellent presentation return to your establishment. So how do you build loyalty in your customers? Through quality of service and customer satisfaction.

A study commissioned by Starbucks and conducted by the Harvard Business School gives us an idea of ​​the impact customer satisfaction has on a business’ bottom line:

– a satisfied customer goes to Starbucks 4.3 times a month and spends about 4 dollars;

– a very satisfied customer goes to Starbucks 7.2 times a month and spends about $4.50.

When you think of ways to stand out from the competition, then, you don’t just have to think about the sign of your shop, the window and the furnishings… it is the quality of the service you offer that must be at the top.

Digital reception

We cannot deny that today’s world has become hyper-connected.

We are hyperconnected. We now take it for granted that people, ourselves included, are always reachable. Whatever type of business you manage, you can be sure of one thing: customers who access your business certainly have a smartphone in their pocket and want to stay connected. This is where digital courtesy becomes an integral part of the service you have to offer.

You’ve probably already provided a free wi-fi connection in your establishment, but is this enough to ensure that customers frequent your shop more often than another similar one?

If the first digital need is to always stay connected, in addition to access to a connection we also need to have our devices always chargedCaricami is the power bank sharing service that was created to meet the need of users to recharge their devices on the move through a system of charging stations from which it is possible to rent a power bank.

Caricami: how it works

Caricami works through a free app for Android and iOS. Thanks to the interactive map, the user can locate the closest charging station where to rent or return a powerbank, in complete autonomy and without any intervention from you or your staff. Payment for the service takes place via the app.

By installing a charging station in your premises and offering the power bank sharing service in your business, you will make yourself visible to an ever-increasing number of users. In fact, Caricami responds to one of the most widespread needs of our age: that of having a smartphone in your pocket that is always charged and connected.

What are the benefits of Caricami for your business?

Offering the Caricami power bank sharing service within your establishment offers you numerous advantages that will increase the satisfaction of your customers and increase your earnings.

1. Attract new customers

The Caricami power bank sharing system is an effective way to stand out from the crowd. Caricami responds to the need to have smartphones and other devices – such as headphones, e-readers, electronic cigarettes – always charged. Between two similar shops, the user will choose the place where they will be able to recharge their devices by renting a power bank.

2. Retain customers

We talked about the importance of offering a high degree of customer satisfaction to ensure that users, after coming the first time, continue to visit your business regularly. By installing a charging station inside your establishment, you will improve the experience of your customers by becoming a place where people don’t have to worry about the level of their battery.

3. Satisfied customers spend more time in your establishment

A satisfied customer spends more time in your restaurant and will tend to spend more. Without low battery anxiety, your customers who recharge their smartphones will stay longer in your establishment.

4. Customers spend more in stores where they feel good

In a world where recharging your smartphone has become one of the most widespread needs, offering Caricami in your shop becomes one of the fundamental elements in the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers.

A satisfied and involved customer tends to spend more in a restaurant.

Caricami : who is it for?

Caricami charging stations can be installed in tobacconists, bars, discos, pizzerias, beauty centres, cinemas, shopping centers and much more. To date, there are already 150 Caricami stations in the cities of Milan, Como, and Savona, but our expansion – and user base – is constantly growing.

Always being connected is an increasingly current need, improve the experience of your customers, become a partner Caricami: request a charging station for your business now by clicking here.

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