Caricami at the Science and Technology Museum in Milan

We are happy to announce the collaboration of Caricami with the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, the largest and most important technical-scientific museum in Italy and among the main ones in Europe.

Located in an Olivetan monastery built at the beginning of the 16th century in the heart of the city of Milan, with its 50,000 m2 extension, the Museum tells stories of people and technologies, inventions, research, discoveries, industrial and business realities that have contributed to transform our society and our environment in the last two centuries, with particular reference to Italy.

In fact, the Science and Technology Museum preserves, studies and interprets the historical technical-scientific heritage, made up of over 21,000 assets, to pass on the evolution of science and technology at the basis of contemporary society to present and future generations.

It also works daily to encourage lifelong learning in people by creating an active and conscious relationship with the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and contributing to cultural regeneration and the achievement of a more equitable and inclusive that values ​​diversity.

To allow for an even more positive and carefree use of the museum experience, a Caricami mobile phone charging station is available to visitors – at the entrance to the space. From this it will be possible to easily rent a universal 5000 mAh power bank, with 3 integrated charging cables (micro USB, Type C and Lightning), keep your mobile phone charged for the duration of the interactive experience and return the powerbank once you’ve finished the experience. The battery can then be delivered at the end of the visit to the stations located at the exit of the exhibition route.

The first 3 hours are free!

By entering the MUST code in the Caricami app (available on the Play Store and App Store), all museum visitors will be credited with 180 minutes of free recharge. This code can be used once a day and, as soon as it is redeemed, it will give you 180 bonus minutes to use during the day at the stations in the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology.

How the Caricami power bank sharing service works

Charging stations will be present at the entrance and exit of the Museum. To rent a Caricami power bank just:

  • Download the Caricami app (available on Play Store and App Store)
  • Scan the QR code to unlock your power bank
  • Recharge in complete mobility
  • Return the power bank
  • To download the Caricami app, click here.

The advantages of installing a mobile phone charging station inside a museum

There are numerous benefits that can be obtained from installing a mobile phone charging station inside a museum to be made available to its customers. For example:

  • A visit to a museum can vary from 2 to 3 hours and visitors often like to take pictures with their mobile phone to relive the experience or to share it with friends and family at a later time.
  • The museum often offers the possibility of downloading applications on your phone, which then becomes a video guide or audio guide during the visit. This will drain the phone’s battery and therefore having a power bank available during the visit is certainly an advantage that allows you not to end the visit with the phone dead.
  • Having a charged phone has now become a primary need for people and therefore offering a power bank sharing service inside a museum will make the visitor experience even more complete.


With the power bank sharing service inside museums, it is possible to offer customers free recharge at any time without making them worry about their battery level and allowing them to enjoy a carefree visit to the museum.

Do you work in a museum and want to offer a mobile recharge service to your customers? Contact us here.

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