Caricami and power bank sharing in Impact Hub Milan

Impact Hub, one of the main coworking spaces in Europe, was the first to believe in the power of power bank sharing and installed a mobile phone recharge totem in the Social Kitchen of its headquarters in Via Aosta 4 in Milan.

More opportunities for visitors to the Impact Hub coworking space in Milan who want to share a workspace and rent a powerbank to stay connected at all times.

Caricami joins the numerous innovative services for co-working offered by Impact Hub in the approximately 3,000 m2 of open space in Via Aosta 4. Fixed desks and free workstations, private offices, meeting rooms and training and event rooms, lounge areas, a garden relax and the kitchen area with equipped kitchen.

Work, creativity, planning, technology and sharing are the most common activities in this space and from today on will be enriched with a new strong point with the Caricami mobile recharge totem; the Impact Hub community will no longer have to worry about the battery level of their mobile devices.

The collaboration with Impact Hub stems from the sharing of the revolutionary power of the sharing economy combined with the ecological awareness of reducing the creation of electronic waste using a secure service that guarantees full use of the power banks.

Caricami’s recharge solution

Among the various mobile phone charging solutions offered by Caricami, Impact Hub has decided to install a totem equipped with 24 power banks in their social kitchen.

The batteries inside the mobile phone charging totem are equipped with the 3 most common connectors on the market so as to be compatible with any mobile device such as smartphones, headphones, e-readers, electronic cigarettes, etc.

Through the free Caricami app, available for Android and iOS, the user can rent or return a power bank in complete autonomy. Payment for the service takes place via the app.

Caricami inside a coworking: what are the benefits?

Equipping a coworking space with a Caricami mobile charging station and/or totem goes far beyond ensuring energy on the go for your customers, mobile charging stations are in fact real marketing tools.

The Caricami recharge service not only gives energy to the coworking community, but it is also an excellent service to offer in the event of events, workshops, parties organized within the coworking spaces that allows those present to always have energy at hand being able to fully enjoy the areas and services offered by the space.

The digital screens of the charging stations, via Wi-Fi connection, support the display of images and videos 24/7. They can be used to show real-time messages or to give more visibility to an event sponsor.

Mobile charging stations and totems, as well as Caricami batteries, can be customized and used as a means of promoting your brand.

To request a Caricami charging station for your space or to find out more about the power bank rental service click here!

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