Low battery?

Caricami is the revolutionary powerbank sharing service that allows you to rent a powerbank and charge your phone on the go through a network of phone charging stations.

Download the app and find the nearest station!

Caricami 8 slot charging station

Scan. Charge. Return.

Did you forget your charging cable? Are there any available plugs? No more low-battery anxiety! Rent our powerbanks in your favorite venue and charge on the go wherever you are.

How does it work?

Renting a Caricami powerbank takes just a second.

Person with their phone with low battery

Find the nearest Caricami phone charging station

Open the Caricami app and use the map to find phone charging stations close to you. They are located in your favorite venues!

Scan the QR code to unlock a power bank

Use the app to scan the QR code located on our station and automatically unlock a powerbank.

Person with their phone scanning the QR code, that is located on the charging station, to unlock a power bank.
Person walking while charging their phone with a Caricami power bank

Charge on the go

Our powerbank comes with a lightning cable, USB-C cable and Micro-USB cable, being compatible with all types of phones. Select the right cable for your device and start charging on the go.

Return wherever you are

Are you at 100%? Just return the powerbank to any of our stations to end your rental.

Download the app and get started!

Person with their phone at 100% battery

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