Bring energy to your event - Choose Caricami

Caricami is not only the best way to provide energy on the go to your guests, but it’s also a powerful marketing and advertising platform!

People at an event charging their phone thanks to the Caricami charging totem


Person engaging with their phone


Give your guests the possibility to remain connected by charging on the go.

Happy people sitting on a pile of coins


Offer more visibility to your event sponsors: show real time messages on the display of our charging stations and customize our power banks and charging stations.

Happy customers in a venue chatting and charging their phones with a Caricami power bank
Person with their phone standing by a Caricami power bank


Engage your guests providing real time notifications and gamification options.

Caricami power bank being shared among people


Reduce the creation of electronic waste using a service that guarantees the complete usage of power banks and discourages their purchase.

Choose the best solution for you

Caricami charging totems

Caricami charging totems with 24 and 48 power banks
Caricami 8 slot charging station

Caricami portable charging station

Energize your event, choose Caricami

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